Mon | 24. Jun – 10.00 GRIPS Hansaplatz
from 6 years


Theater Thikwa und GRIPS Theater | Uraufführung

14 €, ermäßigt 8 €
Empfohlen für class 1 - 4

Cooperation and ensemble production

In BUMM, KRACH, BOING!, THIKWA Theater and GRIPS embark on an imaginative and visually exciting exploration of our way of living together. In a rich collaboration between the two theatres, which goes far beyond a 'normal' rehearsal period, process and play emerge surrounding the question of 'Who is in charge here? And who is not? The body functions as the main vessel of exploration. What it means to be part of something. Or not. To make the rules. Or to abide by them. To set the tone. Or accompany. And, of course, the grey areas, in-between spaces, moments of confusion.  In this ensemble production, a diverse group of players face diverse scenarios of power/lessness and (super)powers. In a musical, humorous, and playful way, they zoom into the everyday situations of children and other everyday-heroes, with plenty of space to find themselves in the stories.

The "Interplay/Zusammenspiel" project

BUMM, KRACH, BOING! is the culmination of the joint work of THIKWA and GRIPS, who have been cooperating as "Interplay" for three years. As part of the Federal Cultural Foundation's pik project, inclusion is being analysed as a working method: how can we, as a cultural institution, implement it? How will day-to-day procedures at the theater have to be adapted? For example, our rehearsal conditions? While THIKWA has repeatedly created pioneering work in the inclusive theatre scene in its more than thirty-year history and contributes significantly to the professionalization of people with disabilities, GRIPS can draw on its exemplary theatre education work with children and young people. "Interplay" aims to contribute to a stronger and better representation of artists with disabilities in productions, both as creators and performers.




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