Thu | 20. Jun – 17.00 GRIPS Hansaplatz
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Theater Thikwa und GRIPS Theater | Uraufführung

Empfohlen für class 1 - 4

Uraufführung, June 20, 2024

Cooperation and ensemble production

Ensemble production on questions around "power" and "powerlessness" A cooperation in the framework of “Interplay/Zusammenspiel” | Project management: Simone Kiebler

A joint ensemble of actors from Theater THIKWA and GRIPS Theater explores feelings, contexts and situations around power and powerlessness. What emerges? Perhaps a surprisingly cheerful but definitely a musically packed play for children.

Behind the scenes, the project entitled "Interplay/Zusammenspiel" goes far beyond the development of a theater production. Inclusion as a working method: how can we as a cultural institution implement it? How will day-to-day procedures at the theater have to be adapted? We explore these questions together and on equal terms for a time period of three years. THIKWA and GRIPS want to contribute to a stronger and better representation of artists with disabilities in artistic productions, both as creators and performers, ultimately promoting visibility beyond the frame of inclusive theater.

In our collaboration social, artistic and political aspects are equally important. Artists and employees of institutions not yet operating within inclusive frameworks are not only invited to open up, but also qualify for inclusive working methods.

As a highlight of their joint work, THIKWA and GRIPS present their production for children.

GRIPS Theater will use the experience gained from the cooperation to create more inclusive working conditions and services, as the staff at the children’s and youth theater will be trained to work with artists with disabilities.

While THIKWA Theater has repeatedly pioneered the professionalization of people with disabilities in the inclusive theater scene in its more than 30-year history, GRIPS Theater can draw on its exemplary work with children and young people. Against this backdrop, both institutions see the cooperation within the framework of pik as the start of further promising and impactful collaborations.




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