Our collaborations enable encounters, cultural education, theatre visits and joint artistic projects for daycare groups and school classes. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.

GRIPS Schools

A model project for the cultural education for Berlin school classes

ALL students from GRIPS Fever schools should be able to go to the theatre, even those who have difficulties in financing their visit to the theatre. GRIPS Theater and its partners make this possible: Your school determines who needs financial support and can have the visit to the theatre paid. No evidence is decisive, but rather your unbureaucratic assessment.

With this assurance, every class of a GRIPS Fever school attends a performance in GRIPS Theater once a year. In this way, theatre becomes a natural part of your school profile. After attending the theatre, every GRIPS Fever school can book the free basic theatre workshop “With GRIPS on the stage”. This way, your students get into theatre themselves.

Every GRIPS Fever school receives a GRIPS box. The contains a compilation of creative methods and materials with the aim of stimulating low-threshold creative learning processes in the classroom. The methods relate to the interdisciplinary topics of the Berlin framework curriculum and therefore also directly to the world of children and young people.
In free introductory workshops you can try out the handling of the GRIPS box in practice.

Click here for our video explaining the GRIPS box on YouTube!

Contact: Kalle Mille
Email: kalle.mille[at]

GRIPS classes

GRIPS theatre classes are accompanied by theatre pedagogy over a period of four years. That means:
The students visit GRIPS Theater regularly and are given comprehensive support.

First year: two visits to the theatre (the first together with the parents), two follow-up work, three project days
Second year: two visits to the theatre, two follow-up work or a project day, three project days with a presentation of the results at school
Third year: two visits to the theatre, two follow-ups, one project day
Fourth year: two visits to the theatre, two follow-ups, a project week with a performance for the parents

We would like as many GRIPS classes and mutual exchange meetings at different schools as possible. If a school had seven GRIPS Theater classes, it can call itself a “GRIPS Theater school” and include the name in its profile.

There are currently GRIPS classes at these schools:

The GRIPS classes are a cooperation project between the Joachim & Anita Stapel Foundation, GRIPS Werken e.V. and GRIPS Theater.

Contact: Vera Düwel (School representative)
Tel.: 030 - 39 74 74 11
Email: tp[at]

TUKI – Theatre and day care centre

GRIPS Theater has been working with daycare centres as part of TUKI since 2013. Since the 2018/19 season, the Barbrossastraße daycare centre and, since 2019/20, the Evangelical Hoffnungskirche as well, have been our partner daycare centres.

Based on the wishes of the children, topics are formulated, examined and made aesthetically and sensually tangible. Depending on the topic, excursions and encounters with experts are carried out in order to expand the spectrum of experience. The resulting impressions form the material from which an interactive performance with an audience emerges at the end.

Six theatres and six daycare centres each form artistic research communities for six months, in which children between the ages of four and six, artists and educators go on a “research trip” together.

For daycare centre children who cannot yet read and write, the research theatre offers a new field of early childhood cultural education: It focuses on experimental and exploratory theatre, which combines project learning (in connection with the Berlin daycare education program) with self-determined artistic processes. The idea of the research theatre takes up the children’s thirst for knowledge and connects it with aesthetic experiences. It moves between exploring the world and artistic practice and lives from the creative friction between reality and fantasy.

Direction: Katja Fillmann
Contact: Vera Düwel (School representative)
Tel.: 030 - 39 74 74 11
Email: tp[at]

TUSCH – Theatre and school

The model TUSCH – Theatre and school arranges three-year partnerships between a Berlin school and a theatre. TUSCH accompanies the partnerships organisationally, financially and in terms of content in the project planning as well as during the creative process. Within the network, TUSCH encourages an exchange of information and experience and thereby provides impetus for the continuous and sustainable development of the cooperation.

In the second year of TUSCH between the Carl Kraemer Primary School and GRIPS Theater, a 6th  class is dedicated to the topics of arrival and change: Based on the GRIPS production “ANKOMMEN ist WLAN”, we ask ourselves what does it mean when something new is imminent? How is this expressed in our thoughts, feelings and actions? Within this production, everything is developed together with the students: the play, the text, the costume and the stage.

Direction: Jana Schwennesen
Email: tp[at]