Axel Kottmann

Axel Kottmann has worked in his early youth as a musician and composer at the Staatliche Schauspiel-Bühnen Berlin, among others for "Die neuen Leiden des jungen W." (West German premiere). At the same time he was involved with band formations in West Berlin: Futurum2, Zaremba, Arakontis. Studio recordings (records) follow, among others for the Andy-Brauer-Band and for the "West Berliner Musikscene". The activities as a session, live and studio musician are also extended to Munich.

In 1978 he started studying music at the Berlin University of the Arts and at the same time joined the music ensemble of the GRIPS Theater, where he participated in about 26 theater productions at the house.
He continues to work as a musician, composer and arranger for numerous music, stage and TV productions, including Zeitgeist, George Kranz, Die Bastarde, Nervous Passengers, Berliner Bass Ballett, Schöneweile, 3+1, Akarena Kindertheater, Neelz & The Bon Vivants, Morgana and many others.

His work in the studio, theater and concert takes him to other European countries, the USA, Canada, India, Korea, North Africa and the Arab world.


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