Banda Agita

For everyone who wants to do theatre themselves under professional conditions and to act on one of Berlin’s most famous theatre stages. The Banda Agita has produced one full-length play every year since it was founded in 2003, including two film adaptations.

Aktuelle Produktion: HALT (Spielzeit 23/24)

Eine Theaterproduktion des inklusiven Jugendclubs Banda Agita über (junges) Leben.

Wer bin ich? Löst diese Frage Hoffnung oder Angst aus? Überforderung oder Klarheit? Wir müssen unsere Zukunft planen, wissen, was wir wollen, den Weg schon kennen. Doch was ist uns wirklich wichtig? Freiheit, Gleichheit, Barrierefreiheit, Klimaschutz, Liebe und so viel mehr. Davon halten wir doch was. Wir halten uns an so viel fest, obwohl wir loslassen könnten. Wir könnten anhalten. Wir könnten zusammenhalten und uns fallen lassen.

Von und mit: Lilean Bartholomäus, Hannah Everitt, Isabella Härtel, Fabian Hochheim, Nuria Kovacs, Matteo Krämer, Daniel Luft, Johann Schmieta, Anouk Spannenkrebs, Luda Tushmalishvili, Jasmine Wodetzky.

Leitung und Regie: Oana Cîrpanu
Co-Leitung und Choreographie: Christina Wüstenhagen 
Bühne und Kostüm: Lili Marleen Grzimek
Assistenz: Severin Scharf

Premiere: Sa.11.05.24 um 19:00 im GRIPS Podewil.
Weitere Termine: 12.05.2023 um 18:00, 13.05.2024 um 19:00, 3.07.2024 um 18:00, 05.07.2024 um 19:00 und und 14.07.2024 um 18:00.

Ein Projekt der GRIPS Werke e.V. und des GRIPS Theaters.

Current production: TRAU DICH! (working title)

Wir sind eine Gruppe. Wir kommunizieren vielfältig. Wir sprechen unterschiedlich. Wir respektieren einander. Wir sind ehrlich. Wir sind direkt. Wir fragen uns, was brauchen wir, damit wir uns verstehen? Wann verbindet uns Sprache und wann trennt sie uns? Kann Sprache Grenzen überwinden?

Sprache und Kommunikation sind Klebstoff für Beziehungen und für das Zusammenleben. Wir brauchen sie, um aus einzelnen Menschen eine Gemeinschaft zu formen. Sprache ist Macht: Sie verletzt, sie heilt, sie baut auf und zerstört. Sie lässt uns träumen und holt uns zurück in die Wirklichkeit.

Wir machen uns auf den Weg und erfinden eine Welt, in der jede und jeder von uns das Sagen hat!

Von und mit: Hendrik Berbuir, Helene Hartmann, Fabian Hochheim, Lene Marth, Nuria Kovacs, Matteo Krämer, Daniel Luft, Luda Tushmalishvili, Lew Wagle

Künstlerische Leitung: Oana Cîrpanu
Choreografie: Sophie Brunner
Kunstpädagogik: Anders Malmgren
Kommunikationsassistenz und dramaturgische Begleitung: Jolika Sudermann - van den Berg
Bühnenbild und Kostüm: Lili Marleen Grzimek
Mitarbeit Kostüm: Cherifa Giedl
Kostümplastiken: Ronja Wunderlich
Assistenz: Jorina Blanck
Grafik: Christian Klier
Technik: Jerry Geiger, Morten Kracht, Philipp Schulze

Premiere: 14. April 2023 19:00 Uhr

Weitere Aufführungen:
Sa. 15. April 19:00
So. 16. April 18:00

Mo. 29. Mai 18:00
Di. 30. Mai 18:00

im GRIPS Podewil, Klosterstraße 68, 10179.

Past productions:

  • TRAU DICH! (Spielzeit 21/22)

    Listen to me! I have something to say! I want to tell you! I want us to confide in each other our desires, dreams and fears. For too long we have been isolated from each other and have become strangers. But let it not remain so. Let us break the silence. We invite you to get to know us! Definitely better than any dating app.

    Artistic director: Oana Cîrpanu
    Premiere: April 2022

  • GENUG! (Spielzeit 20/21)

    A moving urban exploration.

    “I wonder how birds see the sky. Do they always see it in grey? Do they always have this filter in front of their eyes? I see a little more blue. Maybe I am just imagining it. Maybe I can see through a filter”

    This city is no longer the same. We have to re-appropriate the city, encounter it, feel it, hear it and see it. Together we explore our neighbourhoods and become a city ourselves!

    Enough of being separated, alone and isolated! We can only find our way around and to each other together.

    In mutual instructions, we take a new look at the city and how we want to move around and meet. What connects us? What do we have enough of and where are we enough?

    Come with us on this journey and discover yourself and your city!

    Premiere: 18 June 2021 at GRIPS Podewil

    Further dates: 19 June 2021 at GRIPS Podewil

    By and with: Maurice Bartz, Inessa Fettin-Beganovic, Jonathan Hecker, Fabian Hochheim, Maria Liebl, Maximilian Obernauer, Josephina Zarbock

    Management, direction, concept: Oana Cîrpanu
    Concept, choreography: Christina Wüstenhagen
    Video: Andrei Nicolae Bârză
    Assistance: Mohammad Saleh
    Musical composition: Johannes Welz
    Participation costume: Orli Baruch
    Technology: Jerry Geiger

  • Geh, Fühle! (Season 19/20)

    Go. Feel. Feel... Yourself.
    Closer, why higher. Stop. Look.
    Feel yourself. Feel me.
    Feel pink. Feel red. Feel roses,
    feel the mirror, feel the rain, feel the shards,
    feel scars, feel skin.
    Feel boundaries, feel closeness, feel rules, break rules.
    Feel us.

    We sense, feel and touch our environment from birth. Before we can speak, we communicate through touch. Touch means closeness and security, fear and threat, affection and rejection. And then in 2020 Covid-19 suddenly appears and everything is different. We communicate digitally, we keep our distance and wear masks. But there is still the memory of times gone by and the hope that after a moment of paralysis it may be possible to fight your way back into a life with changed rules.

    With and by: Inessa Fettin-Beganovic, Jonathan Hecker, Cesary Hensel, Fabian Hochheim, Casper Hottenrott, Luise Kolbinger, Maria Liebl, Maximilian Obernauer, Ben Steppath

    Management and direction: Oana Cîrpanu, Sandra Rasch
    Choreography: Kaveh Ghaemi
    Stage image: Seongji Jang, Tatjana Reeh
    Assistance: Josephina Zarbock
    Musical composition: Öz Kaveller, Andrey Salomatin
    Video and photography: Cristina Amate (Dochkafilms)
    Technology: Jerry Geiger

  • AUS.ZEIT (Season 18/19)

    The horizon is wide. There is no beginning and no end. Mountains, shooting stars, sunsets – we decide what we want to see. Nothing is asked of us. We do nothing. We don’t want anything. We take our time.

    The youth club Banda Agita asks about the time: What impact it has on your life. What expectations do you associate with her. And how they want to deal with it.
    A theatre evening emerges from the stories of the actors, which approaches the invisible phenomenon of time and tells of what is directly connected with it – life.

    Premiere: 26 April 2019, GRIPS Podewil

    Further dates (resumption):

    30 August 2019, 19:30 GRIPS Podewil
    31 August 2019, 19:30 GRIPS Podewil
    1 September 2019, 18:00 GRIPS Podewil

    By and with: Emilie Berger, Finn Bielenberg, Josif Dumitru, Tillmann Drews, Magdalena Ebel, Zari Eder, Federica Garcin, Luisa Kerkhey, Ilona Liasnikova, Mahtab Rahmani, Andrea Salvat, Sascha Schicht

    Management and direction: Oana Cîrpanu
    Dramaturgy: Franziska Seeberg
    Stage image: Tatjana Reeh
    Musical direction: Bettina Koch
    Musical composition: Öz Kaveller
    Assistance: Charlotte Hillebrecht
    Video & photography: Cristina Amate (Dochkafilms)
    Technology: Jerry Geiger

  • GANZ NAH (Season 17/18)

    “A monster lives in my room, and it is me.”

    We all have secrets, we are hiding something. We close the door behind us, slide our diaries under the mattress, try to be as inconspicuous as possible in public. But why? And what if we all let go of shame, shouted out our secrets out loud and let the others get very close to us?

    Banda Agita turns the theatre around and brings onto the stage what should actually remain backstage. A scenic research journey between the public, private sphere and intimacy. The search for our own shame and the monster in each and every one of us begins in absurd images.

    With and by: Jule Budnick, Laurencia Dieck, Leander Dörr, Imke Grünewald Farcia, Daniel Heimendahl, Raman Khatib, Michael Pajuelo, Linda Rohrer, Sascha Schicht, Anne Schmidt, Paul Urner, Nadja Wolff, Marcel Yilmaz, David Zaldivar

    Management and direction: Ellen Uhrhan
    Dramaturgy: Lasse Scheiba
    Musical direction: Bettina Koch
    Assistance: Aylin Peters, Giovanni Di Lauro