Research classes and school premieres

GRIPS Theater attaches great importance to the extensive participation of our young audience in the rehearsal process. By integrating research classes into current productions and at our school premieres, students can be the audience from the very beginning.

Research classes

In our current productions, research classes provide important feedback on the rehearsal process and gain insights into ongoing theatre work.

You will be the first to come into contact with a text by an author, to be there at a rehearsal with all actors and to give the director important feedback on current productions. Depending on the production and arrangement, you can come into direct contact with the artistic team during a reading rehearsal at school or rehearsal visits in our GRIPS Theater.

School premieres

Be the very first! This format enables students to celebrate their premiere with us immediately after the first school performance and, for example, to come into contact with the actors at an exclusive autograph session.

Next dates: Will be announced soon.

Contact: Vera Düwel (School representative)
Tel.: 030 - 39 74 74 11
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