Regardless of whether you are a pupil, student, worker or rocket scientist – it is time to take to the streets together and in the full social spectrum and to make a lot of noise for a future without a climate crisis!

With GRIPS for the climate!

For years young people have been on strike for more climate protection, climate justice and a future worth living. The “Fridays For Future” alliance has repeatedly called for a global climate strike. We at GRIPS would like to give you a theatre contact point for every global climate strike. Feel free to come alone, in pairs, as a group or a whole class to us and with us to the demo or, depending on the situation, join us in the digital campaigns of FridaysForFuture!

In addition, we would like to discuss in a small input what actually happens with climate change and why it is so important and urgent that we take part in the climate strike.

Grab your friends and come over. Bring everything that is colourful, that makes theatre, music and noise and what you want to contribute to the climate strike demo. 

Contact: Anna-Sophia Fritsche
Email: anna-sophia.fritsche(at)grips-theater.de