Rainer Hachfeld

Rainer Hachfeld lives as a freelance author and caricaturist in Berlin. He worked as a stage designer at the Reichskabarett and the associated children's theatre, which later became the GRIPS Theatre. In 1968 he co-authored the first children's theatre play "Die Reise nach Pitschepatsch" with his brother Volker Ludwig.

For the GRIPS Theatre he wrote the following children's plays: "Stokkerlok und Millipilli" (with Volker Ludwig, 1969), "Mugnog-Kinder!" (1970), "Kannst du zaubern, Opa?" (with Stefan Reisner, 1976), "Banana" (with Reiner Lücker, 1976), "Spaghetti mit Ketchup" (1979) and "Eins auf die Fresse" (1996). To this day, he has also recorded and accompanied the GRIPS Theatre in numerous drawings.

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