Kalle Mille

Kalle Mille is a qualified social pedagogue and musician who studied theatre pedagogy at the Berlin University of Arts.
He conducts theatre projects, offers advanced training in the field of creative learning and deals with how the various arts can be combined with an inclusive way of learning. As a trainer for political education, he conducts workshops and seminars on intersectional topics, in particular on “whiteness”, “racism”, “anti-Semitism” and “critical masculinity”.
Kalle was already a fan of GRIPS Theater as a child and since 2017 he has been responsible for the GRIPS Fever cooperation project, in which 31 Berlin schools take part. The heart of GRIPS Fever is the possibility of (especially from a financial point of view) barrier-free theatre visits for all students.
Musically, Kalle is part of the seven-piece band Feindrehstar, who play a style of music called the “Krautclub”.