Antonia Schaefgen

Antonia Schaefgen has been at GRIPS Theater since the anniversary season 2018|2019 and has been doing her Voluntary social year in culture here in the areas of public relations, marketing and visitor service. During this time she has been looking after the Facebook and Instagram pages, documents the festival weeks “On the Child’s Side” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary on social media and interacts there with the community. She also oversees and organises campaigns for the online children’s rights campaign #alleKINDER. In the visitor service, she supports the audience and gives advice over the phone. In the following season she took over the parental leave substitution in the visitor service from September 2019 and continues to work there, in the team with Vera Düwel, who has returned from parental leave. 

Whether virtually on Facebook and Instagram or now by phone, email or face-to-face – the contact with the audience and fans, the exchange, the reactions and interesting conversations and stories are very enriching and make their work versatile and varied each day: as diverse as the audience of GRIPS itself is.

Antonia will move to the Public Relations Press and Marketing department as a student assistant from April 2024.

E-Mail antonia.schaefgen(at)