For groups

Our free workshops are aimed at trainees from all fields, elementary and secondary school teachers, educators and other interested groups of ten or more people. In these we reflect on theatre pedagogical methods with regard to their applicability in our own (pedagogical) environment.

Training days

  • Study day with GRIPS

    For the whole team 

    Allow yourself to enjoy playing, continue your education and get to know the staff (again): For your study day, we offer a training program of up to three hours for all teachers and educators at your school - free of charge in connection with a visit to a play of your choice by the staff at the GRIPS Theater. Choose from the following topics:

    • Team spirit for class, group and team
    • Theater for all occasions
    • Work on subject matter theatrically
    • Sensitive to Discrimination


  • Digital elective module for trainee teachers

    Create an elective module of the traineeship in and with GRIPS Theater! Using the example of a production, we deal with the embedding of theatre visits in the classroom. How do I prepare students for going to the theatre? How do I get into conversation with the class afterwards (playfully)? How can I make the topics of the staging interactively usable for my lessons and think further? In order to develop skills, each trainee teacher applies the newly acquired methods him or herself in the course of a visit to a performance with his or her own learning group and is advised on theatre pedagogy.

  • Regionalkonferenzen

    Alle Regionalkonferenzen Berlins sind herzlich eingeladen, eine ihrer Sitzungen mit dem GRIPS Theater zu planen. Wir gestalten einen praktischen Workshop und geben Hintergründe zum GRIPS Theater und seinem Angebot als außerschulischer Bildungsort. Wir gehen sehr gerne auf spezielle Wünschen ein. Sprechen Sie uns an!

Please direct all inquiries to: 

Contact: Wiebke Hagemeier and Fabian Schrader
Email: fortbildung[at]

Training workshops

  • Theatre for all instances

    This workshop offers a repertoire of invigorating, relaxing, fun and concentration-promoting theatre-pedagogical exercises for in between.

  • Work on factual topics theatrically

    We are convinced that theatre pedagogical methods can be used in all subjects. Using examples from subjects such as mathematics, history, physics and social studies, this workshop provides suggestions for topic-specific theatre pedagogy in the classroom.

  • The confident appearance

    The classroom is also a stage. In this workshop we use practical theatre exercises to get to the bottom of the secrets of confident performance, effective presentation, authenticity, body language and voice. We provide suggestions that support both teachers and students in their daily behaviour.

  • Democracy in the process

    Theatre pedagogy offers a variety of methods with which democratic action and participation can also be practiced in the classroom. Let us find low-threshold and playful ways in which as many people as possible can express themselves, participate in decisions, ask questions and have answers.

  • Conflict_Potentials

    In this workshop we use theatre pedagogical methods to view conflicts constructively and from a multi-perspective through a functioning group climate.

  • Creative and stage writing in the classroom

    From the method bag for stage and creative writing, this workshop provides suggestions for finding reasons to write in the classroom, solving writer’s block and shaping self-composed texts with your own body.

  • Everyone can talk about theatre! But how?

    Using the example of a jointly attended performance, this workshop provides you with a method case of follow-up formats so that you can talk creatively and playfully about what you have seen with a group. It shows possibilities to return the theatre experience to one’s own living environment and to think further.

    Duration: 2 hours

  • We have rights!

    The GRIPS Theater has a tradition of informing children about their own rights and making them fit to represent their interests themselves. Whether the right to free time, protection from violence or participation - children's rights can be conveyed in a playful way.

  • Class in motion

    Using games and methods with little or no spoken language opens up new spaces for encounters and also manages to involve those participants who have little knowledge of German. The entire group grows with the playful challenge and finds a new We.

  • Theatre climate campaign

    Based on our current production “Himmel, Erde, Luft und Meer”, we explore theatre and environmental educational approaches in order to talk about the big topic of “climate change”, to address pressing questions and to encourage people to participate in climate protection.

    Duration: 2 hours

  • Stimme und Sprache

    Dieser Workshop beschäftigt sich mit der eigenen Stimme. Wie kann ich meine Stimme bewusst nutzen, ohne heiser zu werden, mir Gehör verschaffen und Schüler*innen mithilfe von Übungen Selbstwirksamkeit durch die eigene Stimme vermitteln? Wir erforschen mit den Mitteln chorischer Stimmbildung den weiten Bereich unserer eigenen Stimme.

     Zu PfB 1: Grundlagen des Lehrerberufs (Modul U)


The basic requirement for a study day, elective module or advanced training workshop is a visit by the advanced training group (min. 10 people) of a play at the GRIPS Theater. Please organise tickets via  030 39 74 74 11.

Currently, our workshops usually take place in our presence at the GRIPS Hansaplatz or in the GRIPS Podewil. On request, we can also conduct training workshops digitally (via zoom). Please contact us for any questions. Your health and our health are still very important to us. We look forward to seeing you!