from 3 years


Eine mobile Ensembleproduktion Theaterpädagogisches Projekt

Empfohlen für preschool

A sensual, interactive theater experience for the very young.

A mobile ensemble production for people from 3 years

All over the world we are surrounded by transformations. Plants, animals and people are being transformed, as are cities, rivers and mountains. Tadpoles turn into frogs, caterpillars into butterflies, mussels into sand, wood into coal, water into ice. Some transformations happen by themselves, whether you like it or not. People also change throughout their lives. They grow, teeth fall out, they become bald and wrinkled. Depending on how you feel, something transforms into you. Other changes are brought about by people themselves. At the carnival or in the theatre, you slip into roles and actively choose to transform yourself with a mask and costume. And again and again you change things in the game in terms of form and function. A cardboard box can become a boat, a skirt a flower, a scarf a snake.

Everyday materials with the facets of transformation are explored and questioned with a thirst for research. It is the first research theatre production by GRIPS with a TUKI stage, which is based on a long research with kindergarten children. The mobile piece will not only be performed in the theatre, but above all in day-care centres in various locations around the city and will involve the young audience members in a sensual, interactive form of theatre.