Ticket sponsoring

Thanks to the great support from our audience, partner organisations, funding institutions and sponsors, we can enable many people to participate in theatre and cultural education who otherwise could not afford it.

  • JugendKulturService

    Sponsoring for visitors – Theatre for children and young people

    The JugendKulturService sponsors visits to many Berlin theatres for children and young people by means of admission price reductions for Berlin groups from daycare centres, schools, after-school care centres, children’s and schoolchildren’s shops, mini-clubs, independent organisations or youth associations.

    With the entitlement voucher, the ticket price in GRIPS Theater is € 4.50 for plays for children and € 5.50 for plays for young people.

    Children’s and youth leisure facilities in Berlin also have the option of applying for a discount voucher from the JugendKulturService. The reduction is € 2.00 per ticket.

    More information is available from the audience service:
    Email: publikum[at]grips-theater.de
    Tel.: 030 – 39 74 74 11

  • GRIPS Fever

    A model project for the cultural education for Berlin school classes

    For the cooperation with 30 Berlin schools, the GRIPS Fever schools, GRIPS Theater requests the financial means for visiting children from socially disadvantaged families by means of sponsors. In return, each class of a GRIPS Fever school attends a performance in GRIPS Theater once a year. In this way, theatre becomes a natural part of the school profile.

    The teachers in the schools determine who needs financial support. No evidence is decisive, but rather their unbureaucratic assessment is sufficient.

    Please indicate when booking that you belong to a GRIPS Fever school.

    Contact: Vera Düwel (School representative)
    Email: tp[at]grips-theater.de
    Tel.: 030 – 39 74 74 11

  • Theatre by prescription

    Paediatricians in Berlin prescribe their patients a visit to the theatre – as medicine for the soul.

    A few years ago, paediatricians and theatre makers had the idea of opening up the world of theatre to children and young people from difficult family backgrounds, and instead of therapy as a remedy, to prescribe them theatre as a “cultural medium”, as medicine for the soul.

    Based on this idea, paediatricians in Berlin who are interested receive theatre vouchers that they can hand over to their young patients during the U9 to J1 preventive examinations. Each voucher is valid for two people and can be redeemed within the current year for a children’s or youth performance at GRIPS Theater.

    In general, every Berlin paediatrician who provides preventive examinations from U9 to J1 can take part in the project. However, currently the contingent of 55 practices has been exhausted, but we will put you on a waiting list.

    More information for medical practices: 

    Contact: Anja Kraus
    Email: anja.kraus(at)grips-theater.de
    Tel.: 0151 59101545

    A Prpject from support association „mehr grips“ in corpoation with  GRIPS Theater Berlin with support  LV der Berliner Kinder- und Jugendärzte und des Paritätischen Berlin.

  • KulturLeben Berlin – Schlüssel zur Kultur e.V.

    Organisation to enable cultural and social participation

    This non-profit association has set itself the task of making it easier for socially disadvantaged people to access cultural offers in Berlin. Under the patronage of our theatre director Philipp Harpain and in close cooperation with Berlin’s cultural institutions, free theatre tickets are provided.

    You can get more information directly from KulturLeben Berlin – Schlüssel zur Kultur e.V.

  • Vitamin T

    The GRIPS funding pool for theatre access and empowerment of refugee children, adolescents and adults

    Thanks to the support of our great audience, refugees can visit performances by GRIPS Theater free of charge, take part in workshops and implement their own projects.

    If you need tickets for small groups or individuals in order to be able to visit the theatre, we ask you to fill out the form below and send it to us.

    Contact: Vera Düwel
    Email: vera.duewel[at]grips-theater.de
    Tel.: 030 – 39 74 74 11