Wolfgang Kolneder

Linie 1

Wolfgang Kolneder died of heart failure in Berlin on 14 November 2010. Born in Graz and living in Berlin, Wolfgang Kolneder was only 67 years old. From 1974 to 1988 he was the formative director and dramaturge of the GRIPS Theatre.

As early as 1976, his production of "Das hältste ja im Kopf nicht aus" was invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen. His major directing successes also include "Die schönste Zeit im Leben", "Alles Plastik", "Eine linke Geschichte", "Voll auf der Rolle" and above all "Linie 1", whose global success would have been unthinkable without his work.

Wolfgang Kolneder was not only a gifted directorial craftsman, but also the intellectual mastermind of the GRIPS Theatre. A pronounced linguistic and musical genius, he contributed significantly to the spread of GRIPS throughout the world. After his time with GRIPS, he directed a theatre in Norway. He taught at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, at the HdK in Berlin and at universities in New Delhi and Montreal. He directed the programmes of "Malediva". His last direction took him to Japan.

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