Vassilis Koukalani

Die Lücke im Bauzaun

Vassilis Koukalani has Greek-Iranian roots and was born in Cologne. He has a long-standing collaboration with Volker Ludwig, whose plays he has successfully directed in Greece since 2011.

As an actor, he has appeared in films by renowned directors such as Angelopoulos, Voulgaris, Avranas and Farsi. On stage he has worked with directors such as Vasiliev, Vogiatzis, Livathinos, Evangelatou, Azas, Houvardas, Ostermeier and most recently Rimini Protokoll.

For his role in the film "Amerika Square" (directed by Yannis Sakaridis) he received the Special Mention Jury Award of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2016.