Sat | 25. May – 19.30 GRIPS Hansaplatz
from 16 years


Gastspiel vocalensemble.tempelhof

15 €, ermäßigt 8 €

Gedankenkonzert zu 75 Jahren Grundgesetz

Human dignity - Rights to freedom - Prohibition of discrimination - Freedom of expression - Right to vote  Right to vote - Equality before the law - Labour rights - Protection of natural resources

The 14-member vocalensemble.tempelhof celebrates the human rights formulated in the Basic Law and in the UN Human Rights Charter, set to music by Matthias Witting (musical director and keyboardist of LINIE 1 since 1986) in 12 pop motets for 5-part choir and piano. The musical pieces are linked by quotations from various personalities, literary and satirical texts, everyday reports and interviews that reflect the tense relationship between the postulated ideal and social reality. 

Matthias Witting conductor and piano
Eva Blum actress and author, texts
Mirko Böttcher actor and director, texts



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  • Sat | 25. May – 19.30
    GRIPS Hansaplatz