Sat | 13. Jul – 18.00 GRIPS Podewil
from 14 years


10 €, ermäßigt 5 €
Empfohlen für class 8 - 10

A theater production by the inclusive youth club Banda Agita about (young) life.

Who am I? Does this question trigger hope or fear? Excessive demands or clarity?
We should plan our future, know what we want, already know the way. But what is really important to us? Freedom, equality, accessibility, climate protection, love and so much more. That's what we believe in.
We hold on to so much, even though we could let go. We could stop.
We could stick together and let go.

By and with Hannah Everitt, Isabella Härtel, Fabian Hochheim, Nuria Kovacs, Matteo Krämer, Daniel Luft, Johann Schmieta, Anouk Spannenkrebs, Luda Tushmalishvili, Jasmine Wodetzky

Conductor and director Oana Cîrpanu
Direction and choreography Christina Wüstenhagen
Stage and costume Lili Marleen Grzimek
Assistance Severin Scharf
Technology Jerry Geiger

Premiere: Sat.11.05.24 at 19:00 at GRIPS Podewil


alternative dates

  • Sat | 11. May – 19.00
    GRIPS Podewil
  • Sun | 12. May – 18.00
    GRIPS Podewil
  • Mon | 13. May – 19.00
    GRIPS Podewil
  • Sat | 13. Jul – 18.00
    GRIPS Podewil
  • Sun | 14. Jul – 18.00
    GRIPS Podewil
  • Mon | 15. Jul – 19.00
    GRIPS Podewil