Children’s Theatre Society

The GRIPS Werke association and GRIPS Theater in Berlin have long been concerned with the subject of “children and their rights”. In previous projects, for example, children’s rights in the theatre were strengthened, a children’s theatre law was passed and a children’s theatre advisory board was founded.

Theatre and children’s rights – Participate now!

What are children’s rights? To whom do they apply? What is in them? And what do they mean for you?

Many children are currently restricted in their rights because they cannot go to school or meet their friends outside or in youth facilities. Do you also not have a meeting place to see your friends? Do you want to do something with other children again?

This is exactly why we are opening the Children’s Theatre Society online. Here you can come together on our digital roof terrace, chill in the pool, chat and find out more about children’s rights. There are theatre workshops, guests from co-determination projects in Berlin and many games.

We will see you in the pool!

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