Thu | 19. Sep – 17.00 GRIPS Podewil
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Kunst und Empowerment

Kunst und Empowerment ist das neue Projekt in der Reihe des Wilden Palais im Podewil

Empfohlen für class 10 - 12

Theaterpädagogik, Sept. 19, 2024

Know your rights

Art and empowerment is the new project in the sequence of the Wilden Palais in Podewil

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According to “Art in Action”, “Art and Empowerment” continues with new topics and activists. What is “Art and Empowerment”?  Does it annoy you, when people are treated unjustly and discriminated against? Would you like to join with others, talk about it and work together? Together with other youth, you will learn about forms of discrimination in monthly workshops.

Young activists present themselves with their projects against discrimination. We try out artistic and creative campaigns with young artists. We eat and drink tasty meals together.

7 appointments in theatre season – always a different topic– always on Thursdays at 5:00 PM – always in the GRIPS Podewil in Klosterstr. 68
We always end with a delicious communal meal at 8:00 PM. Pop in. As always, EVERYONE is welcome. Bring friends.

We will be pleased, if you could quickly register under KunstEmpowerment(at)– if you decide spontaneously – no problem!

Do you want to participate yourself, be active, give input? Then just send us an e-mail or come by and talk to us!

Registration: KunstEmpowerment(at)


March 7 - Equal rights - Feminist edition

April 11 Mental health and activism

May 16 Voting rights - Who has the right to vote?

June 13 Closing event

A project by GRIPS Werke e.V. in cooperation with GRIPS Theatre, in cooperation with Youth without Borders, the GRIPS Theatre and the BumF. Funded by Terre des Hommes.



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