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What is Grips?

Grips is the founder of »emancipatory theatre«. It was the first theatre worldwide to deal socio-critically with the lives and living conditions of children and young people and to incorporate this in original humourous and musical plays. Grips has continued to develop this idea over 40 years with unique success, but has still been open to new content-related impulses and artistic hallmarks. It is and always will be a theatre which wants to give its audience the courage to know that the world around them, large or small, is changeable.

Grips is a theatre for all generations, cultures and classes of society. It deems itself anti-elite and anti-pompous, a form of modern popular and political peoples’ theatre.

Grips is especially an ensemble and writer’s theatre. Its founder and longtime artistic director, Volker Ludwig, has written over 43 plays for children, young people and adults and continues to work at the theatre as author and executive director. The continual work with authors such as Lutz Hübner and directors such as Franziska Steiof and Frank Panhans is an integral feature of Grips Theater. The promotion of the „next generation“ is a matter which is close to the heart of the Grips philosophy.

In 2011 there was the first change of aristic director in the history of Grips Theatre. The new artistic director is Stefan Fischer-Fels. His brief is to maintain the basic ideas of Grips Theater to tell strong relevant stories, and also to be open to new narrative styles and contemporary aesthetics and to have a continuing awareness of childhood and adolescence today.

Since Summer 2016 Philipp Harpain is the new artistic director at the GRIPS theater.

A short Chronicle

Everything worth knowing about one of the most famous (children’s) theatres in the world - with innumerable photos and information about the plays and productions, tours both in Germany and abroad and a short chronicle by Volker Ludwig - from 1969 till 2001.

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